House Improvements – September 15th 2016 – Fence Repainting / Eavestroughs

by | September 15, 2016

Today was a busy day with some house improvements.

We planned on upgrading the eavestroughs (eavesdroughs as I like to call them) but ended up just removing the old ones today. We quickly found out that the eaves that were currently up were FILLED with asphalt. We figured we should wait for us to redo the garage roof rather than continue. We also replaced some wood that was rotted away from the years of neglect with the garage. Thanks, previous owners!

Fence Repainting
Our current fence was showing it’s age dearly. The paint was peeling and it’s sagging in multiple areas. We currently have no plans on replacing the fence, it’s not very urgent. However a $40 can of paint can go a long way. Jessi decided on a very dark brown (it’s grey to me) and a cream coloured white for the borders. See the before and after pictures below. Still need to complete the fence, more to come on that later.

House Outlets
We replaced the outlets on the wall near the furnace intake vent and the wall where the furnace thermostat is. Went well. They were 2-prong and are now 3-pronged!